MKII Water distiller Waterlovers

Waterlovers MKII water distiller

Distillation capacity : 3 litres.

delivered with1 citric acid box 300gr + 6 activated charcoal filters.

Size :  35 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. Weight : 6 kg.

Electrical power : up to a boil about 1500 watts. Then between 500-750 watts by an automatic setting.

Materials : glass for the jug. Water tank : stainless steel type 304. Fan: aluminium.


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How does the MKII water distiller work?

MKII Waterlovers Waterlovers Water Distiller Operating Principle

First fill the water tank. After pressing the turn button, the water distiller heats the water to a boil. This will destroy all viruses and bacteria present in the water. Then the water vapour enters a stainless steel circulator, where it is cooled and converted into water. This water then passes through an active charcoal filter . This water produced no longer contains any contaminant. It is distilled water and is excellent for our health.

Very functional

Waterlovers MKII produces 3 litres of water in less than 3 hours. The weather varies depending on the temperature of the water at the start. Distillation will be done more quickly if the water is hot. All you have to do will be fill the tank and then start distilling by pressing the button on the part of the distiller. The distilled water is then received in the glass carafe. The MKII distiller switches off automatically. So there is no need to worry about overheating.

Characteristics of the MKII

Australian-designed , the Waterlovers MKII has the latest technological advances. It is equipped with many sensors for more economical and secure use. It is equipped with an anti-boil sensor and a sensor that allows at the end of the distillation cycle to leave about 5 centimetres of water. This reduces the deposit build-up at the bottom of the tank and makes it easier to maintain. (Important: see here the video on the maintenance of the tank). The MKII distiller is also equipped with a protective condenser against overheating. Another sensor regulates electrical power. As soon as the water evaporation temperature is reached, the distiller automatically adjusts its energy consumption between 500w and 750w. This technology allows evaporation without overheating while saving energy.
Cooling is done by a ventilated capacitor. If this ventilation were to be obstructed by malicious intent, the water distiller would automatically stop.

Entirely designed in high quality materials, all the elements of the distiller in contact with water are of high food quality. Distilled water never comes into contact with plastic or aluminum.


With the MKII water distiller, you will also save the purchase of water bottles and therefore no plastic pollution !