A distiller, whatever for ?

A water distiller makes it possible to purify water regardless of the quality of the water at the start. Water such as sea water can be purified and drinkable after distillation. This very old method uses the principle of evaporation as a mode of purification. And it is thanks to this water vapor obtained by boiling, which is then cooled, that pure water is obtained.

Water a global concern

Obtaining safe drinking water has become a problem all over the planet. In the city or even in the most remote places, pollution has affected all rivers as well as groundwater. We are also aware that tap water is contaminated and we are trying to find solutions to overcome this problem. But very often these solutions are unsatisfactory. Because whether it is the filter jug or other filtration systems, these systems are in fact not very effective in purifying water. The most common solution that remains is the purchase of bottled water. This is expensive, impractical to transport and the composition of this water is sometimes of questionable quality. In addition, we all know that plastic bottles cause significant plastic pollution that is often poorly recycled.

Less than 2% for our consumption !

However, drinking water represents only about 2% of the water we consume! It is very little and it is precisely with this small quantity of water that we must be the most demanding. This is where the water distiller comes in. It will completely decontaminate tap water – which is also often incorrectly called “drinking water” – and it will provide you with the water you need directly, without any more effort.

Distillation : an interesting solution

The water distiller is the simple and effective solution for producing pure water. Free of fluorine, chlorine, aluminum salts, pesticides, nitrates, drug residues, this water is excellent for our health.

Advantages of the water distiller

– it is functional because it will provide you with pure water at home easily. No installation is required except an electrical outlet.
– it is ecological because the distiller produces no waste.
– and above all, and as a priority, it will produce pure water that will allow you to preserve your health. Indeed, our human body is made up of about 70% water. It is obvious that the quality of the water absorbed impacts all our cells, all our organs and particularly our kidneys.

Distilling your water is the better alternative to tap water and bottled water.

Why is drinking pure water so important ?

Our kidneys act as filters trapping inorganic minerals and contaminants in the water. When we drink impure water, harmful substances accumulate in the body and these can cause serious health problems. As it is impossible to know exactly what is in tap water or bottled water, it is important to take precautions and to produce our own pure water, simply, with a water distiller.
Being demanding about the quality of your drinking water is just as important as eating properly.(see the article here “Doctors’ advice)

Choosing a water distiller

The principle of the distiller is simple: heat to create evaporation and recover the product of the evaporation. The quality of the materials is important of course. 304 stainless steel is mandatory for the food industry. The cooling elements must also be of quality. The glass carafe is preferable to other materials for food reasons. In summary, no plastic for a water distiller.
There are industrial water distillers which produce in large quantities and water distillers intended for individuals. These distillers are smaller because it is necessary that they can easily integrate into a more intimate environment. Many are designed on the same model: a circular steel tank of 4 liters surmounted by a cap in which the cooler is located. The carafe is positioned next to it which gives it a certain amount of space.
The MKII model from Waterlovers is much more ergonomic. It was developed a few years ago by a team of Australian engineers. Its volume of distilled water is approximately 3 liters. Its unique aesthetic, the quality of the materials and its very ergonomic side give it a big advantage over the choice of other models.

Stop using water packs !

Distilling your drinking water will also free you from purchasing water packs. Stop participating in this pollution of plastic bottles! And no more hassle of carrying those kilos of bottles! Practical, the water distiller will quickly become a useful device in your daily life! The MKII water distiller will also save you on purchasing bottled water.

Be producer of your drinking water

How much does a liter of distilled water cost?

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