Doctors advice on distilled water

Many doctors advise people who have problems with their kidneys to drink distilled water to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Moreover, all the devices used for the kidneys work with distilled water.

Dr. Michael Colgan is an athlete nutrition specialist. He has written several books including: The anti-inflammatory athlete, Nutrition for champions, Save your brain, The New Nutrition – Medicine for the Millennium (references on water from page 30). In his book, he recommends distilled water since it is the “cleanest” water. He also claims that claims that distilled water leaches the body of its minerals are false. He also tells us not to trust claims that distilled water does not provide minerals since water cannot be a good source of minerals. This is because we get our minerals primarily from the foods we eat. He also quotes Dr Eric Underwood who says “plants are our main source of minerals”

The cleanest water

Here is what Dr. Michael Colgan also writes: “The only water that is likely to be clean is distilled water.”

According to Dr. Robert D. Willix Jr., MD, former heart surgeon and editor of the Health & Longevity Enlightened Living Medicine newsletter, “The best standard for water purification is a system that distills your water. »

Gerson Institute – Gerson Therapy Handbook

On the institute’s website, we can read that in general, Dr. Gerson does not encourage his patients to drink water because they must drink 13 glasses of vegetable juice a day, which provides a sufficient hydration. All the water used for soups and herbal teas at the Gerson Institute is distilled water and therefore fluoride-free. It recommends distilled water as the only really good water for drinking.

Dr. Russel L. Blaylock, MD is a neurosurgeon. He has written the following books: Excitotoxins : The Taste That Kills (MSGs are everywhere); Health and nutrition secrets that can save your life ; natural strategies for cancer patients => Website

Dr. Blaylockse is an expert in the benefits of food for the brain. He recommends distilled water as the first choice and reverse osmosis water as the second choice to ensure the removal of fluoride, arsenic, aluminum, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that often found in tap water. He also recommends drinking plenty of water because dehydration increases blood viscosity (blood becomes thicker), which slows blood circulation, including that of the brain.

Dr. David Williams is a world-renowned medical researcher, biochemist and chiropractor in the field of natural health. On his website, he writes: “You would think that drinking water that meets all environmental protection standards would be better for your health when in fact it represents one of the greatest health risks. Even water that is called “safe” can contain “acceptable” amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury, radioactive particles, and a long list of poisons. To illustrate this point, there are more than 75,000 chemicals in use in industry and agriculture, with thousands more added every year, many of which are not subject to regulation.

80% of these chemicals have never been tested for their long-term effect and chronic toxicity. An estimated 20 billion tons of chemicals, radioactive waste and pollutants enter the environment each year. The majority of these chemicals are considered to end up in drinking water sources.

Distillation is the only viable option

Since municipal water treatment systems cannot remove all toxic products, the only solution is to resort to water treatment technologies. My first option for drinking water is distillation because it safely removes all contaminants. It is a very simple process by which water is heated to boiling point to produce steam. Boiling destroys all pathogens and bacteria. As the steam rises, waste, minerals, heavy metals and other contaminants are left in the vessel. The vapor is then cooled and collected as water in a glass container.

Distillation is effective because it removes the contaminants from the water rather than trying to remove the contaminants from the water. The distillation system has several advantages over other purification systems. A distillation system is so efficient that it eliminates the need to have your water tested. It is the only purification system I know of that truly removes all viruses, parasites, bacteria, pathogens, as well as pesticides, herbicides, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals (dissolved or otherwise) as well as radioactive contaminants.

An added benefit of distilled water is that even if your municipality’s water supply were compromised for some reason, you could still distill water from rivers, lakes, ponds, and even a swimming pool. It is true that the distillation process is slower than other methods such as filtration, for example, but I consider this disadvantage to be minor in light of the level of safety that distillation provides. Because distillation is the only viable option today.

Dr. Allen E. Banik

Dr. Allen E. Banika writes a book called The Choice is Clear in which he explains why distilled water is the best choice.Distilled water is the best solvent on earth, the only one we can absorb without any damage to our tissues.Distilled water plays a very important role in the treatment of arthritis.

“What we scientists and the public have never realized is that the minerals that come from water and accumulate in the body are inorganic minerals that cannot be assimilated (digested) by the body. The only minerals the body can use are the organic minerals that come to us from fruits and vegetables. All other minerals are foreign substances to our body and must be eliminated. Distilled water is the purest water there is. It is odourless, colorless and tasteless. The divine role of water is to act as a solvent. In nature, evaporating water is so fine that we cannot perceive it with our eyes as it is transformed into clouds. As a solvent, it dissolves rock and soil and is part of the transport of nutrients in plant life. »

In the human body, water performs similar functions. Distilled water acts as a solvent in the body. It dissolves food substances so that they can be assimilated and transported to each cell. It dissolves inorganic minerals that have lodged in the tissues so that these substances are eliminated in the process of cleansing the body. Distilled water is the best solvent on earth, the only one that can be ingested without any tissue damage. The person generally drinks about 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. It’s not too much. Many people need a lot more.

Today, many progressive physicians prescribe distilled water to their patients. Moreover, the devices used for the kidneys work with distilled water.

In their book, Water : “The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life”, Patricia and Paul Bragg argue that water flows through all parts of our body in order to cleanse and nourish it. However, water that contains inorganic minerals, damaging toxins, chemicals and other contaminants can pollute, block and gradually turn every part of our body to stone. (Kidney Stones). The greatest damage caused by inorganic minerals, in addition to cholesterol and sodium in tap water, is to the small arteries and other blood vessels in the brain (75% water). They contribute greatly to the hardening of the arteries and the calcification of the blood vessels in your body, including those in the brain. If everyone could see what inorganic minerals do to our arteries, they would rush to drink distilled water.

Remember that we have the age of our arteries. We suffer from hardening of the arteries, arthritis, kidney and bladder stones, vision problems (glaucoma and cataracts), hearing loss, diabetes, obesity, emphysema and other diseases more intensely and more frequently when we consume and are in contact with water that contains inorganic minerals, that is polluted or even contaminated. Among the many types of water are rainwater, raw water from melting snow, hard water, filtered water, soft water, demineralized water, boiled water and distilled water. Only distilled water is pure and free from all forms of contaminants.

When distilled water enters the body, it leaves no residue of any kind. It does not contain any mineral salt or sodium. It is the most perfect water for the proper functioning of the kidneys (83% water), the ideal liquid for the efficient functioning of the lungs (86% water), stomach, liver (85% water) and other vital organs. For what? Because it does not contain any inorganic minerals. It is so pure that all liquid medicines are made with distilled water.

Dr. Andrew Weil

In his book, Dr. Andrew Weil tells us the following: Distilled water is water that has been turned into vapor so that its impurities have been left behind. Distillation kills bacteria and viruses and removes other contaminants like heavy metals and chemicals. It confirms that water that has been distilled is the purest water there is. While it’s true that distillation removes minerals along with removing other contaminants from the water, that’s not a problem. We get our minerals from food and not from the water we consume. He recommends drinking distilled water and also using it for cooking. When it comes to acidity, distilled water is very close to neutral pH and has no effect on the acid-base balance of our body. Distilled water is safe and he claims it is the water he himself drinks.

Harvey Diamond

In his book “Fit for life”, Harvey Diamond recommends eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables because they contain a high percentage of water. The water contained in fruits and vegetables contains a lot of organic minerals which are easily absorbed by the body. As for water consumption, he recommends distilled water. The human body can only absorb organic minerals. Minerals in spring water or water that comes from artesian wells are not an ideal source for the human body because they are inorganic. The human body cannot use or eliminate them easily. Only plants have the ability to convert inorganic minerals (those found in the soil) into organic minerals; it is therefore by eating plants (fruits, vegetables and cereals) or by taking assimilable supplements that we can absorb minerals. In addition, these inorganic minerals tend to accumulate in the body, to form lime deposits (a bit like the tartar in our kettle) or to combine with cholesterol to form plaques on the walls of the arteries.

Drinking distilled water avoids these problems because it promotes the flushing of these inorganic minerals. The effect of distilled water is therefore beneficial.

Jean-Marc Brunet

He is a Quebec naturopath, founder of the Naturiste store chain and columnist in the field of natural health care. A reader asks me a question that comes up quite often. She asks me if one can consume distilled water over long periods of time without risking a lack of minerals ?

The answer to this question is both very simple and very clear. The minerals found in water are not the ones that really suit us. We need organic minerals, not inorganic minerals. By definition, we call organic minerals those that we find in living matter (vegetable or animal), while inorganic minerals are those that belong to the mineral kingdom, that is, those that we find in the soil.

In nature, there is a great cycle of nutrition. Plants were designed to feed on inorganic minerals. Their roots therefore draw these minerals directly from the soil. Animals (and man obviously belongs to the large family of the animal kingdom) are made to consume plants. Their consumption of plants is either direct or indirect. Vegetarian animals eat plants directly; carnivorous animals consume plants indirectly in the sense that they consume animals which themselves feed on plants. In other words, the lion is an indirect vegetarian, since it feeds, in particular, on gazelles which are vegetarians. Without plants, the gazelle could not eat and, without the gazelle, the lion could not eat. Basically, the lion needs plants for food.

The minerals we need are, essentially, those found in plants. Those of the mineral kingdom are not really useful to us.

So we don’t have to rely on the minerals in the water to feed us. Those contained in our foods respond perfectly and completely to this need. Therefore, it is safe to drink water that does not contain minerals. Distilled water operates a real cleaning of unwanted inorganic substances that are in our body for our greater well-being!

Excerpt from the Journal de Montreal of Jean-Marc Brunet

Dr. Cl. Dennison : Why am I drinking distilled water ?

Dr. Clifford Dennison is a pioneer in water purification technologies. He wrote a pamphlet called : “Why do I drink distilled water?”. Here is an excerpt:

“Distilled water helps transport substances through the body: it helps it get chemically in tune so it can function properly; remove inorganic minerals, impurities and toxic wastes; to maintain and regulate its temperature; and makes food and drink taste better. »

There are hundreds of documented cases of people overcoming health issues when they started drinking distilled water. Opinion is wrong about drinking water and the minerals it contains.

Some people mistakenly believe that essential minerals come from the water they drink. Yes, we need minerals, but the source of the minerals our body needs is the food we eat. Only plants have the power to transform the inorganic minerals they absorb from the soil into organic minerals that our body can then use. I do not consume any harmful substances when I drink distilled water…

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, once said, “I thought if I drank a lot of distilled water, maybe it could get rid of the lime deposits covering my sciatic nerve. I tried drinking it and it worked like a charm. After a short time my sciatica disappeared and I was rheumatism free from that day. I continued to drink distilled water and attribute my near-perfect health largely to distilled water».

About Alkaline Water

In an article published in the journal Men’s Health, Dr. Bob Arnot, MD, renowned nutritionist and author, wrote, “Say no to alkaline water…your body is designed to adjust to its optimal pH whatever you eat. . For example, when alkaline water enters your stomach, your body provides a large amount of acid to neutralize it. Since the stomach is designed to be acidic, it must produce acidity every time you drink alkaline water to counteract the diluting effect of digestive juices. In a healthy digestive system, the constant ingestion of alkaline water can create abnormal digestive conditions. If you drink alkaline water while eating, this water will dilute the natural acidity of the stomach and interfere with digestion. Maintaining normal acidity in the stomach is essential to protect against bacteria and viral infections. The acid environment of the stomach destroys disease-causing organisms that we might ingest with our food. Altering the acidic environment of the stomach can make the gut more vulnerable to infection.”

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