Horo reverse osmosis fountain with hydrogenated water generator


Horo Reverse Osmosis fountain with Hydrogenated water generator

Water tank capacity => 7 Liters.
Hydrogenated water capacity => 5.6 Liter.
Water production capacity per minute => 1.1 L.
Maximum electrical power => 2.2 KW for a temperature of 99°C.
Electrical standby delay => after 20 seconds.

Dimensions in mm => 470 * 185 * 390

Weight: 8kg

Warranty: 1 year


Hydrogen concentration => max 1500 ppb.
Filtration level => reverse osmosis: 0.0001µ.
Temperature levels =>25°-50°-65°-85°-99°C.
4 water distribution settings => 150-300-500-800 ml.


Horo Reverse Osmosis fountain with Hydrogenated water generator

The Horo fountain produces highly filtered water, down to 0.0001µ. This water thus obtained no longer contains chlorine or fluorine or other pollutants.
Hydrogenated water can be produced up to a level of 1500 ppb. Hydrogenated water is safe for health, on the contrary it improves rehydration, it acts as an antioxidant, it can reduce hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. Hydrogenated water also helps the gastrointestinal system, it can provide better sleep quality, and it improves memory. It can also reduce wrinkles since it is a powerful  anti-oxidant.

Multiple uses

The Horo fountain has 4 temperature modes: from cold water to very hot water, as well as 4 dispensing volumes available to adapt to different cup sizes.

The Horo filtration system effectively filters more than 1000 contaminants. The LED screen displays the real-time TDS level of inlet and outlet water. This indication allows permanent monitoring of the quality of your water. (TDS measures Particles Per Million other than H2O)

The Horo fountain has an ergonomic and removable 7 liter water tank. From these 7 liters, the Horo fountain will produce 5.60 liters of truly drinkable water, with a very high level of filtration. The TDS measurement is between 7 and 15 PPM, depending on the quality of the incoming water. A reverse osmosis system always rejects a quantity of water. But this water here can be recovered unlike under-the-sink reverse osmosis systems. You can then use it to wash or to water plants for example.

Fill your water tank every morning and you will get fresh, hydrogenated water for your entire day.
The fountain filters are 4 in number. They are very easy to replace, a simple rotation of it and it is removed. The lifespan of the filters can be up to 18 months. The Horo fountain is programmed for a reminder of the lifespan of the filters. This information is read on the LCD screen.

Horo Reverse Osmosis fountain with Hydrogenated water generator

If the fountain does not operate for 20 seconds, the screen will turn off and enter power saving mode.
Although the Horo fountain has a powerful water purification capacity thanks to its pump, it operates silently, around 40 dB, giving you a pleasant quality of use.

The Horo fountain can produce hydrogenated water up to a concentration of 1500 ppg. Hydrogenated water is more easily digested. It also penetrates our cells more quickly, thus promoting better general health.


Powers of hydrogenated water

1 – improves immunity.

2 – improves physical fitness.

3 – improves skin condition.

4 – anti-aging.

5 – relieves fatigue.

6 – helps the body detoxify.

5 stages of filtration

The Horo fountain proceeds in 5 stages for high quality filtration.

Stage 1: Sediment filter, which will remove rough particles, rust, dust, silt and sand, etc.

Step 2: carbon filter which will be responsible for mainly eliminating odors.

Step 3: This is the important point of the whole water purification process. Known as reverse osmosis, this is the point where water will be forced through ultra-fine filters. This step will remove over 95% of remaining impurities, such as fluoride.

Step 4: Another carbon filter called “polishing”, ensuring that the water will not be stale or colored even if it is kept in the tank.

Step 5: During this final phase, a UV filter will work to kill any potential contaminants that may still be present.

With this equipment, you have a fountain that is very useful daily for your health and that of your loved ones thanks to a very high quality filtration system and high-end manufacturing.

Generally speaking, basic reverse osmosis models have 2 or 3 filtration stages. They are sometimes cheap, but they are not as effective as the Horo fountain.

No installation required

The Horo fountain requires no installation work. All you need is a single power outlet and you can plug it in and easily get pure water wherever you want in your kitchen, in your bedroom or in your office. This fountain is an excellent choice for everyone, owner or tenant because there is no work to be done here. This fountain can also be installed in a second home, or even in a camper van. The Horo fountain will provide you with high quality water every day without difficulty. Having this fountain avoids the purchase and also the burden of heavy water packs to carry. Elderly people or those in difficulty will appreciate it. These also have economic and practical advantages in addition to health benefits.

Horo Reverse Osmosis fountain with Hydrogenated water generator