Water distiller MKII Waterlovers


UPS delivery 6/9 days
Specifications of the MKII water still
Power supply: suitable for the country (EU, US…)
Water flow: about 1,2 liter per hour
Tank volume: 3 Liters
Volume of the glass carafe: 3 Liters
Net weight: 6kg
Output power: from 1500W to 500-900W (variable)
Dimensions: 348mm * 247mm * 354mm
CE certification


MKII water distiller delivered with:
1 box of 6 filters
1 box of citric acid (Distiller Cleaner)

Specifications of the MKII :
Water flow: about 1,2 liter per hour (varies depending on the temperature of the water at the start)
Distillation capacity: 3 liters Carafe volume: 3 liters

Power supply: suitable for the country (EU, US…)
Length 34.8 cm – Width 24.7cm – Height 35.4 cm – Weight: 6 kg
The fan is made of aluminum alloy
Materials of Construction of the MKII
Polypropylene outdoor unit
Boiling tank interior: food grade stainless steel
Condenser tube: food grade stainless steel
Heating element: aluminum alloy
Activated carbon filter tray: quality stainless steel
Glass jug: high quality borosilicate glass
Removable jug cover: stainless steel
Power required at the start (until boiling) about 1500 watts.
Then between 500-750 watts by automatic power adjustment.

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